New Year…new goodies

6 Jan

It’s been a while since I’ve been on to post.  I feel like the past month is all a blur, like most people feel during the holidays.  And, today me and my youngest are pretty puny, so we are just hanging low.  Unfortunately, it’s a beautiful 70 degree in Dallas today and all our friends are outside and we are stuck inside.  We may head out back in a bit, so as not to infect anyone!  So, for now, I will post goodies.  They make me happy.

I will start with Santa’s cookies.  I’m behind the times in posting these, but oh well.  I got a new camera for Christmas…soooo very excited.  No more iPhone blog photos. Well, maybe no more.

I used a new sugar cookie recipe from I Am Baker, and they are by far my favorite sugar cookie that I’ve tried.  I think I’m finally getting down the icing part of these little guys too.  That is just not my baking forte.  She had a great tutorial on her website.  Love her blog.

Wish I had one of these right now.

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