My redheaded buddy is 5!

16 Nov

My little boy turned 5 this weekend and we had a grand time bouncing, sweating, dancing, sweating again and eating cupcakes. Oh, and, opening presents…his favorite part.  We have such special friends and they treated him so nicely! He didn’t even need Mom and Dad’s big present…which will be sent to Santa for delivery on Christmas morning, barring any issues that Elvis the Elf may bring up to Santa.  🙂

He wanted superhero cupcakes, so he got Spiderman cupcakes.  I initially wanted to do Superman (a flop) and Batman (another flop) cupcake toppers as well.  It  did not pan out like planned.  I had to take a deep breath, pray and just move on after my failed attempts at superhero cupcake greatness. My Spideys turned out pretty well…at least to Grey they did, and that’s what counts, right??  I was being too hard on myself and finally realized…he’s 5!  He doesn’t care.  He just wants to eat the frosting.  And, his little sister, well, she likes the fondant topping.  A little too much.  She likes to bounce a little too much too. Then eat pizza, then eat a whole Spidey topper and then vomit on her Toms and mom’s leg.  (She’ll be mad at me one day for posting this…bless her little heart.)

Here is a photo of the cupcakes, thanks to Aunt Mari, who is the only person who took a photo of them!  YAY!  My mind was on vomit I guess.

And here is my sweet little chunky boy.

And, here is my BIG boy!  Sniff. Sniff.  Mom and Dad (and sister) sure love you.  You are one funny, lovable kid.  And, you smile funny sometimes.

And, let’s throw sister in here…pre-sicky poo.  Poor kid.   Bless it!

Here were the superhero lollipop favors…Love these little guys!


One Response to “My redheaded buddy is 5!”

  1. Sanny November 16, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    It was a great Barfday Party!!!

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