No sweet treats, but one sweet Pepaw…

25 Sep

Today, I’m not writing about baked goodies.  Today, I’m writing about my sweet Pepaw, who has been gone from us a year today.  Oh, how I miss him, and I know I’m not the only one.

I miss him whistling. I miss him telling jokes. I miss his laugh.  I miss him licking his spoon clean when he really enjoyed eating something.  I miss listening to him from the pulpit.  I miss him telling embarrassing stories about me and my cousins from that pulpit.  I miss going over to the church with him and running around in the sanctuary and getting on the microphone and pretending I was a preacher like him.  I miss his scrambled eggs, that I now make and have perfected.  I miss him stopping everything to pray with me over the phone, every time I called.  I miss him sitting on the couch watching basketball at their home.  I miss him playing the piano and singing, “Bessie the Heifer”.  She was the queen of all the cows! I miss his kind eyes.  I miss his soft hands when they held mine no matter how old I was.  I miss him for my uncles.  I miss him for my precious mom.  I miss him for my equally precious Memaw.  Most of all, I miss seeing him with my children.  What a blessing it was that they knew him for a short time.  My son still prays for him nightly.  He still doesn’t quite get that he’s no longer around on Earth.  But, I know where he is and I try to explain that to my son.  In Heaven.  What a joyful homecoming he must have had.  And, what a great hope for us all if we know Jesus.  The word hope has rung loudly in my head for a year now.  The hope for my future is certain and how relieved I am to know that.  I cannot wait to see him again and to meet my Pepaw’s close and personal friend, Jesus, face to face.

My Pepaw, Bro. Bill Stowell, left a lot of people who loved and cared for him.  And, he left many more that he impacted through his life.  What a legacy.  I’m so happy to have known him for 34 years.  And, to have been his first grandchild was just icing on the cupcake.

We love you, Pepaw, and we miss you every day.

At my wedding in 2004, where he performed the ceremony.

Signing the marriage certificate.

January 17, 2004…what a special day to share with him!

With Grey when he was about a year old.

Spring of 2010, with my little Wren, who was a year old.

Love you, Bro. Bill!


3 Responses to “No sweet treats, but one sweet Pepaw…”

  1. Beth Scott Adams September 26, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    Your Pepaw was a wonderful man! He was by far the most genuine, kind man of integrity I’ve ever known.

    I received birthday postcards from him for years after I married and moved away from Shreveport. He had that funny little hand shake with that finger rubbing in the palm of your hand. He sang Bessie the Heifer at every church social I can remember. I still “bust out” that song occasionally. And when he prayed, it was like he and Jesus were standing right there together. I’ve never heard anybody pray like him.

    He loved my family. He loved my daddy especially. I remember how hard it was for him to preach my daddy’s funeral.

    I am 50 years old now, but he has always been “my” Bro. Bill. Thank you for sharing your Pepaw with me. 🙂

    Beth Scott Adams

  2. Uncle Mike September 26, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    How beautiful, precious Amanda. Every word is so true & so moving to my heart.
    Thank you darling. I love you with deepest love. Memaw

    • Uncle Mike September 26, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

      How did my response turn up under Uncle Mike? I guess it`s so we`d
      all stop crying!

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