19 May

Ok, get ready for a shameless plug of these things.  I made my son’s preschool teachers end of school “Jars of Joy” as my mom calls them.  These are cupcakes in a jar.  I did not invent the idea…oh how I wish I did.  But, I perused the world wide web to find many ideas and have gotten tips from friends on these too, telling me I needed to make these.  So, I made them and they turned out really, REALLY cute.  If you are looking for a teacher gift, please look no further.  I’m pricing these at the low, low price of $6.  I will snazz them up with ribbon and a spoon and you can put whatever card you like on them.  Everyone loves a homemade cupcake, but in a sweet little package, even better.

Here are some AMAZING photos from my official taste-tester and photographer, Stephanie DeLay.  Thank you once again.  You’ve outdone yourself.  Sure beats my iPhone photos.


One Response to “TEACHER GIFT ALERT!!”

  1. dayle May 20, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    so cute!
    wish you lived closer! those are making me hungry!

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