Momma’s Day Rose Cake

9 May

I tried a new recipe for a white cake with lemon frosting for Mother’s Day for my MIL, and for myself, because I’m a momma and I like cake.  I don’t make cake-cakes a lot, just cuppy cakes mainly.  So, this was fun to do.  I made an 8 inch double layer cake with pale yellow lemon frosting.  I piped yellow roses on top and ran out of frosting or I would have done the whole cake.  I have seen beautiful photos of rose cakes on some of my favorite baking blogs, and have always wanted to try it myself. I think it turned out really nice, and the taste…well, I hope that I can run this cake off or I’m in big trouble.   It was a great, moist white cake almost like a wedding cake and the lemon frosting…oh my.  Perfect for a Momma on her day.


One Response to “Momma’s Day Rose Cake”

  1. sanny May 10, 2011 at 2:15 am #

    Dang, guess I need to be the mother in law and not the mother to get a cake! It is beautiful Amanda Jo, just like you!

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