Surprise, surprise, surprise!

19 Apr

In the words of Gomer Pyle…surprise, surprise, surprise! Why there’s an Oreo cookie inside!  These are now officially one of my favorites:  Cookies N Cream cupcakes.  But, I love Oreos.  Big. Time. I made these for my son’s end of season soccer party.  What better time to test new cupcakes out than on 4 year old boys??  There’s a half Oreo in the bottom of the cupcake and big chunks of Oreo in the cupcake itself all topped with a cream cheese frosting and more Oreo crumbs on top.  And, if you like, another Oreo stuck in the frosting.  Can I say “OREO” one  more time??  Enough talk, take a look. And. Drool.

Glad I went to the gym today.  More milk.  Yes, please.


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