Nothing sweet to add today…

13 Jan

There is nothing sweet to add today, but I do have to write about a “sweet” victory in the meal rotation at our household.  Just to start off, I have two VERY picky eaters in my home.  A 38 year old daddy and a 4 year old son…like father, like son.  My girl, on the other hand, is proving to be like momma.  I wanted to share this recipe with you that we had tonight.  It’s called Butter Chicken and it’s from Tasty Kitchen.  It’s similar to an Indian dish, but I did not relay this information to my husband until after he joined the Clean Plate Club tonight.  (Again, he’s picky and doesn’t go out of his way to eat outside of the box.)  My son even ate the chicken.  He didn’t eat the Basmati rice, but he ate the chicken.  Praise the Lord!  Ok, so this wasn’t a hit with my daughter, but she’s teething and I’ll let her slide this time.

This can be as spicy as you want it. I chose to cut down on the spice because I wanted them to eat it.  I also cut back on the tomato sauce and the cream, because I wanted a thicker sauce.  I didn’t have one of the spices it called for, but I just went with it. I also added some cinnamon which was really good in it.  Not a lot, just a little…cinnamon goes a long way.  DO take the time to marinate the chicken.  I didn’t marinate overnight, just about 5-6 hours.  Don’t skimp on the lime in your marinade.  I also chose to cut the chicken in bite sized pieces, so they could really take on those intense spices while marinating.  The chicken tastes awesome after mixing and mingling with all those spices and lime.  And, the smell.  Oh so good.  Anyway, I just wanted to share this with other desperate ladies (or men) looking for a new meal to throw into the rotation. It’s very easy too. It’s not low-cal, but hey, it can be thrown in once a month!  Maybe try subbing yogurt for the cream and there’s your lower-cal.  Guilt-free.  Sorta.

Here’s the link.  You won’t be sorry.


One Response to “Nothing sweet to add today…”

  1. sanny January 13, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    Did they serve that at Walt’s?

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