Holiday bake-fest

5 Jan

So, I had somewhat of a holiday bake-fest in December…bake-fest, sweet-fest, over indulgence-fest, whatever you want to call it.  It’s over now, that’s all I can say.  Back to reality…for now at least.  I did make a lot of sweets over the holidays for gifts for some friends of our own as well as other friends’ gifts to others.  This “gift” was a bit selfish…but I did share, because I would be in a sugar coma right now if I wouldn’t have shared.  These are courtesy of the Pioneer Woman.  Her cinnamon rolls, which make gobs and gobs of gooey cinnamon rolls.  I got about 44 rolls to be exact. Cinnamon rolls are probably in my top 5 things to eat in the world.  I just love a good one.  This roll is a lot like the ones I usually make, but her icing is different.  It has maple and coffee in it.  Yes, that’s what I said.  Maple and coffee.  Delish.  I hope everyone devoured these like I did.  Hello heaven.

I also made some cookies for a friend to give as teacher gifts.  These are cranberry white chocolate cookies.  I love these two flavors together.  The tartness of the cranberries and the sweetness of the white chocolate is really a match made on  I prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate when it comes to chocolates, but these two are meant to be in a cookie together.

One more thing.  We have an annual cookie exchange on my street every year.  This is such a fun time for everyone.  And, it’s competitive!  We have awards for best presentation and best taste.  I made Christmas Kitchen Sink Cookies and presented them on the newest member of my cupcake stand family along with my cupcake ornaments.  Yes, obsessed with cupcakes.  Sure.  Why not.

Before I start baking again, I better quit talking about these sweets.  I’m off to eat a hard boiled egg and continue my day as a boring eater.  Talk to you soon!


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