On the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie…

14 Dec

So, I’ve been on the hunt for my perfect chocolate chip cookie for quite a while now…a few years in fact.  My perfect chocolate chip cookie may not be everyone else’s perfect chocolate chip cookie, but that’s ok.  That’s why there are so many recipes out there for them.  I’ve tried many, many recipes and think I’ve found the perfect one thus far…for me, that is.  I want a crispy edge but a soft, chewy center.  I love a Paradise Bakery chocolate chip cookie, you can’t really get any better than those in my opinion.  So, that’s what I’ve had in my mind for my perfect cookie.  This is as close as I’ve gotten.  We’ll see how they hold up over a couple of days.  That is also key in a great cookie.  I thought I’d share some pics.  And, yes, there is a bite missing…so what.  It’s Christmas.


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