Hello Love…I’ve been missing you.

25 Nov

I made a new recipe for pecan pie today.  I am not actually sharing this pie with our guests tomorrow unless we get low on other desserts, and then I’ll think about sharing it.  This is one just for me and the hubby to snack on this weekend.  Therefore, I felt no shame in cutting a teeny-tiny sliver of it tonight to test out.  I mean, I’ve been standing in here cooking all day, I deserve that sliver, right?  I’m trying to get a jumpstart on the calorie fest that will occur tomorrow anyhow.  This pecan pie actually has no corn syrup in it.  And, this might be my new favorite pecan pie.  I had an off day with my crust, but managed to get it together in the pie plate.  Still tasted good to me.  Here’s a photo of my sliver of love.  

Also, tonight, my little 4 year old soux chef and I made coconut marshmallow turkey cupcakes for our guests’ place settings. He did a great job putting them together.  He was sneaking candy corn while I was frosting the cupcakes.  He’s a sly one, but he might be a good cupcake maker one day.  Gobble, gobble…




One Response to “Hello Love…I’ve been missing you.”

  1. sanny November 25, 2010 at 1:25 pm #

    This Christmas might be “Hello Jenny Craig” at your house. The little turkeys (not talking about your family) turned out really cute. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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