C’mon fall…mums, pecan pies and all.

26 Aug

So, first off, I will say thanks to my friend and neighbor, Stephanie, who gave me the inspiration for these cupcakes/muffins.  I will definitely jazz them up more next time.  I will add frosting and make ’em pretty.  But sometimes there is no time for letting butter soften at the last minute….especially with kids running around who need baths and bed.  Once she mentioned them, I was geared up to try them and even had to borrow pecans…again, last minute.  Once I’ve got it on the brain, I can’t stop until they are in the oven.  Trouble.

Here they are, Pecan Pie Cupcakes.  These are not for a dieter.  That is for sure. I even thought, “This is a lot of butter.”  I may cut back on it next time.  But, the butter gives it the ooey, gooey texture like a pecan pie gives us. Since I skipped the icing, I drizzled some melted chocolate over the top, which reminds me of one of my favorite pies, a chocolate pecan pie.

Since Stephanie suggested that I try these, she was my taste tester.  I think she approved.


One Response to “C’mon fall…mums, pecan pies and all.”

  1. Stephanie DeLay September 16, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    Those were so good, I have been daydreaming about having them again. They were super ooye gooey, which made them soooo tasty.

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